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22 miles

Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems keeps customers informed, staff aware and operations running smoothly. Elevate guest experience with our quality product.
Coaster Pro

Coaster Callers can be charged in any direction,  ensuring a  reliable charge

Adverteaser Pager

Increase your sales by reducing customer No-Shows and Walk-Aways

Apha Guest Coaster

Discreetly send instant messages to your customers at No-Cost


Offers a wide selection of on-site wireless paging systems for restaurants


Enhance your overall customer experience and treat them like V.I.P’s


Increase sales by having your customers use other facilities while they wait

Digital Signage
Is a management and distribution system
Developing a state-of-the-art in-store analytics
Digital Marketing
Is a scalable, easy to use and simple to deploy
Enables retailers to build digital experiences
digital signage
7 Segment Central LED Displays

The purpose of the central display, installed in a place with a good visibility

Dot Matrix Central LED Displays

he LED matrix displays can show the ticket numbers and desk/cashiers

Central LCD Displays

Show advertisings, various media content and flowing text on tickers

ECO Counter Calling Terminals

The hardware counter calling terminal, as an alternative for the software

PRO Counter Calling Terminals

The counter terminal’s activity will be recorded in the central statistics.

RF Counter Calling Terminals

The RF terminal’s advantage is that it does not require cabling

Gives you complete control of property
Video Walls
Has the accessibility to manage digital
Digital Menu Boards
Customized to engage guests based on
Staff Communication Displays
Dynamically delivers information in
Donor & Recognition Displays

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