Uses the Wi-Fi infrastructure to anonymously analyze visitor behavior within the physical space.

Bench Analysis
How effective are outdoor communication campaigns? Which profiles do they attract?

Visits and in-ratio: Monitor the number of walk-ins compared to the total number of pedestrians passing by, identifying daily, weekly and monthly trends and patterns. What percentage enter? How do visits and the in-ratio evolve over time?
What is the in-ratio for each branch by time intervals? What percentage of visits go to the ATM and what percentage go to the counter?
Cross location: Which branches share customers? What volume does it represent?

Zone Analysis
How do customers spend in the branch on average?
What are the peak times?
What percentage return to the ATM after going to the counter?
How many people are there in each zone?
How do customers behave when there is a line for the counter?
How many customers go to the ATM before going to the counter?

Recurrence and Demographics


What is the repeat index for each branch?
What is the average number of days between visits?
For how long, based on their frequency?
Demographic analysis:

Classification of demographic profiles by gender and age range by service (counter/ATM)

Video Analytics
Enables customers to be segmented according to their degree of interest in the product or content offered.
Analytics are performed using cameras installed in strategic locations in the branch or connected to advertising screens.

Understanding what content attracts most attention and linking that content ensures campaign profitability and effectively generates traffic towards specific areas of the office.

Beacons * App
Personalized messages and ads:
Messages sent to the device. Recommendations sent to customers’ mobiles to impact their behavior.

Magic signs. Advertising in screens (non-intrusive) segmented according to customer profile.

Customer tracking in the branch:
Greater precision

Use of the banking app

Real-time information about the customer:
VIP treatment by employees

Digital Signage
Digital signage, together with other digital platforms managed in a single content manager, enables organizations to send personalized campaigns based on real-time analytics and behavior patterns.

What’s more, feedback on consumers’ reaction to campaigns can be obtained using the Video Analytics solution.

Wifi Analytics
Uses the Wi-Fi infrastructure to anonymously analyze visitor behavior within the physical space.

Understanding visitor traffic in the branch network enables the company to analyze its overall performance better with concrete data not available until now.

This way, the customer funnel can be optimized, detecting all possible opportunities and any deviations, and comparing branches according to specific criteria and dimensions (city, province, size, customer socio-economic profile, number of employees, etc.).