Shopping Malls

Key industry challenges for Shopping Malls:
1. Brick-and-mortar will have to work harder than ecommerce to drive and maintain share of channel. Investment in retail intelligence technology could be a key diferentiator

2. Retail businesses need to be putting greater investment into customer intelligence solutions, which are capable of combining multiple shopper metrics into a single analysis, delivered in real-time to key decision makers.

3. Shopper satisfaction is being determined on more than just running an efficient business. Customers are judging it on the overall experience; the ‘X factor’ that makes each retail encounter unique to their requirements.

4. Put the customer at the centre of the business

5. In 2016, Gartner believes that 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ will be in use – up 30% on 2015.3 As IoT evolves, retailers will be connecting technology to improve the customer experience.

  • Marketing Effectiveness Assessment
  • Shooper Experience Booster
  • In-Mall Shoppers Engagement
  • Shopper Loyalty Builder
  • Staff Planning Optimization & Its Efficiency Maximization
  • Zone Comprehensions
  • In-Mall Benchmarking
  • Shopping Mall Attractiveness
  • Security Signage
  • Satisfactory Survey for Customer Service, Renting Optimization and Its Revenue Maximization