Airport / Transportation

Large to small airports and train stations search for best efficiency and time-managed solutions that are impactful, and stimulating. Each transportation location needs to drive new vendors to their terminals, provide wayfinding for travelers, provide alerts, allow visitors to purchase tickets, and push eye-appealing advertising.

Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, travelers and employees throughout any airport terminals or train stations.Locate shopping, restaurants and dining in addition to restrooms and airport personnel.

Flight Information Displays
Incorporate boarding pass scanners for quick information access to any flight times, gate finders, or walking speeds with the 22 Miles’ wayfinding solution.

Attract the thousands of people that walk by daily by creatively showcasing long-term and short-term advertising campaigns through videos, animations and slideshows

Internal News
Provide information of train arrivals, gate finder construction or renovation news, what lines to use, doors opening or closing.