Education / Universities

Campus life today can be so overwhelming for new or active students, visitors, and faculty. The need for a comprehensive solution to simplify their information, their navigation, and even their security alerts has become more than ever a campus demand. They need to be engaged and informed with eye appealing and next-gen digital and mobile applications. Students need real-time notification, updated class schedules, class or professor finders, and imperative emergency alert capability. 22 Miles seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications’ cross-platform that visually stimulates, educates, and improves the experience.

Interactive Wayfinding
Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for students, staff, and visitors to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future campus structure modifications

Class & Meeting directory boards
Provide your campus with the capability to quickly give visitors or student’s up-to-date schedules, locations and details of classes and meetings

Tablet Room Boards
Install Android, Windows, or other tablets outside study halls, break rooms, or classrooms for live local room reservation capabilities.

Digital donor- Campaign & Giving Displays
Use the 22MILES powerful built-in widgets to easily automate the data collection process of any organization’s metric systems.