Dot Matrix Central LED Displays

The purpose of the central display, installed in a place with a good visibility, is to give information for the waiting customers. The information refers to the customers who has been called and consists of three elements: ticket number, desk/cashier number and direction to desk/cashier. The LED matrix displays can show the ticket numbers and desk/cashiers numbers using any character including numbers and letters. Using such displays a complex ticketing model can be created.

  • Red, 60/100mm high, LED matrix technology
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Current: max. 1A
  • Communication connector: RJ11
  • Variable light intensity
  • Alloy profile
  • 3 or 4 characters to display ticket numbers, 1 for direction and 2 for desk/cashier number
  • 1-5 lines to show the last or the last five called ticket numbers
  • Voice signal or voice calling with every new ticket number displayed