Ticket dispenser as advertisement space
The menu that appears on the touchscreen of the EpiQ ticket dispenser, listing the services, can be fitted into the company image. Commercials, announcements, promotions can be also displayed.

Screen and ticket editor
In the EpiQ system a new campaign, a new promotion or a completely new image comes to life after a few clicks. The EpiQ system makes possible to amend the multimedia, graphics or text content on the screen of the ticket dispenser or on the ticket.

Full supervision and better planning
Would you like to know what is the average waiting time in your Customer Services? Would you like to know how many customers have you lost? Through the heart of the EpiQ system, the CDS application, you will have full supervision of the daily operation and using the provided statistics, you will build a better strategy.

  • 19” HD portrait touchscreen
  • LCD Unique screen background and menu design
  • Optimal performance and high reliability PC
  • Metal case, black or white