Back to the basics
NanoQ features pushbuttons instead of touchscreen to select a service. The number of pushbuttons is customizable between 1 and 8. The service descriptions can be simply printed and displayed next to their pushbuttons.

Reports to improve business
While the operation of NanoQ is based on a very simple principle, the system is able to provide a set of basic reports and statistics.

One body – many faces
Pharmacies, bakeries, café’s, restaurants, sport clubs, museums, post offices, mobile shops, city councils, clinics just to name a few, can all benefit from having a professional customer service solution at a budget cost.

  • Push buttons 1, 2, 8
  • 3” thermal printer
  • Metal case, black or white
  • Special PC free hardware with custom developed integrated board LAN connection
  • Optional RF (radio frequency) receiver Micro SD for storage Passive cooling