Confidence requires style
Sometimes it is practical having a queuing terminal with a huge display, loads of accessories or a customized colourful cover, that attracts new clients like a magnet. Sometimes the environment, the interior architectural design or the company image requires a simple shape and a smart aspect.

Elegant and practical
The screen of the queuing terminal is big enough to be filled with attracting and useful content. The ticket printer as standard will easily serve hundreds of clients daily, but with a heavy-duty printer installed, that can rise to several thousands. The optional card reader will make the customer identification and VIP client management possible.

Lightweight and perfectly slim
The body of the queuing terminal, unlike others is not made of metal, but a special, multiple layer and light structure material. One of the advantages of using such a material is that the total weight of the terminal is far less compared to others.

  • 19” landscape touchscreen
  • LCD Unique screen background and menu design
  • 3” thermal printer
  • Special, multi-layered, tough and glossy material
  • 1300/paper roll (in case of a 10 cm long ticket)
  • Optimal performance and high reliability PC