Decades of Operational Know-How and Excellence

Since the beginning, LRS has remained dedicated to developing technologies that help service businesses provide a better customer experience. We know that businesses need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff, and from messaging devices to guest management applications, LRS provides a better means for managing customer flow.


Remember the “olden days” of going to restaurants? You’d wedge yourself into a crowded lobby and get your name on a list. A hostess would holler out names over the din of clanging plates. “Smith, party of six!” Hungry patrons stayed close by to be sure they didn’t miss their turn, working hard to peek over the hostess’ shoulder to see if their name had risen on the list. Then, along came LRS with a better way, for restaurants and dozens more industries.


LRS invented the popular coaster guest pager. We now provide more pagers than anyone else.


LRS introduced the first electronic comment card, a vast improvement over paper comment cards that customers usually toss in the trash.


LRS patented the first cell-phone paging system. (Yep, that’s what cell phones used to look like).


LRS invented Key Call, the first table locator system for fast casual restaurants, speeding food delivery and improving table turn. The device also eliminates the Table Waltz, that awkward dance a staff member does while searching for a table tent number.


LRS won the California Restaurant Association’s award for Innovator of the Year – Technology.


LRS wins Appliance Manufacturer’s 1st place for excellence in design for computers, electronics and communications.


Attendees of the Western Foodservice Hospitality Expo voted LRS’ table location system Key Call second runner up for the People’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Product.


LRS launched Table Tracker, the first technology that follows and reports on the entire service cycle, empowering the food-service industry with Big Data intelligence.


LRS launches the first water-proof and anti-microbial pager – AQUA – giving health conscious business a meaningful alternative when choosing a paging system.


LRS rolled out the first and only all-in-one waitlist app that gives guests their choice of paging via coaster device or cell phone texting.


Just as tablets took over the world, we launched LRS Survey, a tablet-based electronic survey system. Today’s survey tool commands guest response rates of 75 percent and up, giving business owners real-time data on what customers think.


LRS debuts a promotional version of the anti-microbial pager – SafeTouch – giving businesses the ability to update promotional messages by replacing printed pieces housed under the plastic covering on the pager.


Check Point – LRS launches Check Point, a tablet based survey app created to help businesses collect instant feedback. Much like its predecessor LRS Survey, Check Point takes it the next level with special features such as manager notifications, multi-location reporting and question branching to make it a unique and powerful survey tool.


Table Tracker 3.0 – LRS rolled out the latest Table Tracker system at this year’s National Restaurant Association. This table location system helps fast casual restaurants identify where guests are sitting so they can deliver food faster. With analytics and reporting, businesses can measure delivery times and pin-point areas to improve operation and performance.


Fast Casual Award – In Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers, LRS’ Table Tracker was named one of the top 10 restaurant technologies for fast casual restaurants.

That’s our story. Twenty years of innovation, and we’re not finished yet. LRS remains committed to developing new, even better technology that empowers service-based businesses with the tools they need to make the guest experience faster, smoother and more enjoyable.

With LRS, you’ll be smarter about your business and customers will want to return, time and again.


On Cue – Managing the front door of restaurants is vital to every business. With that in mind, LRS debuted On Cue for Restaurants, a waitlist app to help host stands manage guests while they wait. This iPad app offers restaurants the option to integrate paging systems and text notification, properly quote wait times, and table management.