Nothing irritates a customer more than needing assistance, but no one is around. With LRS Retail Paging Solutions, customers no longer have to leave the convenience of their fitting rooms to change a garment. By using any LRS Push-For-Service transmitter, your customers can now call a staff member for assistance, with the simple push of a button.

LRS Push-For-Service transmitters are also used by staff members to contact each other discreetly and efficiently. Your cashiers can now call managers and fellow employees for assistance, without leaving their cash registers. Furthermore, retail stores can use LRS Guest Paging Systems to locate customers easily, when their purchases are ready to be picked up. Simply hand them an LRS guest pager and give them the freedom to continue shopping while they wait.

How do LRS Retail Pagers Work?

1) A customer pushes the service button that’s located inside the fitting room for assistance.

2) Your staff member receives the customer request & fitting room number on the LRS pager.

3) Staff cancels the request by scanning the pager on the transmitter then assists the customer.

4) If a request is not canceled within a certain time, the manager is immediately notified.

  • Enhance your overall customer experience and treat them like V.I.P’s
  • Increase staff efficiency, staff response time and customer service
  • Assist your customers in their fitting rooms and reduce long lines and crowds
  • Improve your service by having your staff assist customers in their fitting rooms
  • Cashiers can page managers and staff for assistance and speed up checkout lines
  • Maintain privacy by using separate pagers for female and male fitting rooms
  • Better customer service leads to better sales
  • Send detailed messages to your staff with specific instructions at No-Cost
  • Eliminate loud and intrusive overhead announcements
  • Excellent solution for shops with Locked Product Cases
  • Ideal solution for Staff-Staff and Customer-Staff communication
  • Easily attaches to any surface with various mounting options