LRS offers a wide selection of on-site wireless paging systems for restaurants and food courts, designed to make your business more profitable by streamlining your operations and reducing your monthly overhead.

With our 20 years of experience, focus and innovation, LRS continues to redefine the wireless on-site paging industry with Customer-Driven features. With standard Shock-Absorbing bumpers, Splash-Proof designs and Lexan cases, LRS now boasts that our guest pagers are the most durable in the industry.

LRS Restaurant Paging Systems will give you the ability to eliminate waiting crowds around your hostess stand or cashiers and make sure your customers don’t walk away and eat somewhere else. With LRS paging systems, you can now locate your customers anywhere with the push of a button and ensure they return to eat at your restaurant.

Unlike other pagers on the market, all LRS guest pagers do not have speaker holes that could accumulate food and liquids over time and harbor dangerous bacteria. LRS guest pagers are also completely sealed making them Water-Resistant and easy to clean. Not only that, but they come loaded with all the options you need to streamline your operations such as pager Anti-Theft, Auto-Locate, Range-Test, Tracking-Mode and many more.

  • Increase your sales by reducing customer No-Shows and Walk-Aways
  • Give your customers the freedom to walk around while they wait
  • Easily find your waiting customers with the push of a button at No-Cost
  • Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
  • Have an organized and professional customer waiting list with no line cutting
  • No more loud and unprofessional customer name calling
  • Reduce the number of trips your guests make to see if their name was called
  • Eliminate guest crowding around the hostess stand
  • Reduce your monthly labor overhead costs
  • Faster service leads to more satisfied customers and an increase in sales
  • Our pagers dont have speaker holes that could accumulate food, liquids and bacteria
  • Use customized labels to advertise and promote your offers, products and services