The TX-9601 server paging transmitter will assist your kitchen staff to ensure that food orders are always picked up on time and delivered while still hot. It also helps increase your sales, by making sure your servers are with customers providing better service and increasing check averages, instead of waiting in the kitchen area to pick up their orders. This low-cost transmitter also features built-in Dry-Erase magnets that let you change server names quickly.

The TX-9601 server transmitter from LRS has been designed as an affordable solution to provide kitchen staff the ability to easily speed up the food delivery process, thus enhancing the customer experience. With this wireless transmitter, you can instantly contact up to 16 servers with one touch of a button. This simple transmitter makes instant notification feasible for any size restaurant, nightclub or bar.

For larger businesses, multiple TX-9601 transmitters can be used in different locations such as the kitchen area, bar, cashier and even the valet. With this system, you ensure that servers are immediately notified no matter where they are.

  • Effective and affordable server paging solution ideal for any type of business
  • Deliver food faster and while still hot
  • Eliminate costly and time consuming food reheats
  • Eliminate congestion in the kitchen
  • No more shouting or noisy server bells
  • Increase drinks & desserts sales
  • Improve Server-Customer interaction and server efficiency
  • Duty-Page automatically notifies staff members of scheduled tasks
  • Faster service and larger bill averages means better tips for the servers
  • Faster service leads to more satisfied customers and an increase in sales
  • Easy to use and economically priced
  • Reduce monthly labor overhead expenses
  • Simple One-Touch operation transmitter for 16 servers
  • Can be used at multiple stations such as kitchen, bar and cashier
  • Multiple vibration modes can signal server where to go
  • Range-Test mode shows you the operating range of the pager
  • Splash-Proof design for easy cleaning
  • Re-Programmable feature allows you to program the pager numbers on-site
  • Supports multiple languages and has a built-in clock
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Rugged aluminum and metal construction
  • Built-In dry-erase pen holder
  • All-Page function and simultaneous manager paging
  • Removable magnetic name plates
  • UHF FM Frequency penetrates walls, ceilings and floors more effectively
  • Dimensions: 18.4cm x 23.5cm x 5.70cm