NetPage Unlimited

NPU is an on-premise web-based messaging solution that can cover your entire business facility. Using any networked PC, smartphone or tablet device within your organization, you can easily send task assignments to staff members, notify guests about updates regarding their visit, schedule department meetings or send global business notifications for important events. NPU can also help you track Task-Based messages to completion. With the NPU paging system, we guarantee wide range coverage with multiple messaging options.

NetPage Unlimited is not only used for staff and guest paging. Now, you can easily generate electronic Wait-Lists and call your customers via LRS pagers or mobile phones, making sure your customers are no longer tied to a waiting room. NPU even has the ability to share Wait-Lists, so you can have one person assigning LRS pagers to customers and another staff member paging them when it’s their turn. Unlike the standard office phone systems or loud overhead paging, NPU will also collect Wait-Time statistics so you can evaluate your staff needs during peak times. Other essential features of NPU are On-Line reporting and Task-Management, that will give you total control over all your communication needs throughout your organization.

NPU is the ideal paging solution for any small or large businesses, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, logistics and companies with regional and international offices.

  • Eliminate expensive and time consuming mobile phone paging and monthly fees
  • IP/Web browser based software with no installation required on user computers
  • Assign tasks to staff members and find out if and when these tasks are completed
  • Efficient, quick and reliable communication throughout your organization
  • Increase staff productivity and response times
  • Send alerts to LRS pagers, cell phones or emails
  • Eliminate loud and intrusive overhead paging
  • Stand-Alone Self-Check-In feature for guests and patients
  • Connect all your regional and international offices using VPN
  • Easily locate employees with Quick-Search feature
  • Send individual or group messages and reminders
  • Set email alert messages with the optional Email-Alert feature
  • Optional SMS messaging for Off-Site paging
  • Add guests to Wait-Lists with the optional Wait-List feature
  • NPU has a user friendly interface and multiple advanced features
  • Send messages directly from any networked computer
  • Unlimited user and location capacity
  • Compatible with all LRS pagers and cell phones
  • Locate employees from the directory quickly with predictive text
  • Auto On/Off Increases Battery Life by Up to 50%
  • User Log-In, Status and Messaging Reporting
  • Displayed Status Settings
  • Individual and Group Reminders
  • Individual and Group Paging

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