Table Tracker

Streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction with the RFID Table Tracker advanced technology. Table Tracker follows and reports on your entire service cycle from ordering and seating to food delivery and table clearing. Table Tracker will assist your business in making sure you have a record of your entire operation. Real-Time data displays order status and table locations for faster service and a noticeably improved customer experience.

Table Tracker is an advanced table location system that is designed to speed up the food delivery process in fast-casual restaurants and elevate the guest experience. Food runners simply check a prominently displayed Table Tracker computer screen, immediately locate the order and the corresponding table on the provided map and deliver food quickly. Diners get their orders fast and still hot and food runners no longer have to search the restaurant looking for table tent numbers.

The Table Tracker Coaster is smaller than a CD and less than 1.30cm thick. Once placed on the table, the Coaster detects the table number and then sends this information to the kitchen display. Table Tracker ensures tables are turned faster and orders are delivered promptly with as few food runners as possible.

How does Table Tracker Work?

1) After placing an order, the cashier hands the customer a Table Tracker Coaster with an assigned number. A timer is then started for the order.

2) Your customer then selects a seat and places the Table Tracker Coaster on the table. The Coaster reads the table number and sends the information to the Touch-Screen PC in the expeditor area.

3) When the order is ready, the runner no longer needs to search the restaurant for the correct table. Now, the runner simply checks the screen to find the table at which the order was made. The order is quickly delivered with no unnecessary time wasting and your customer receives the food order fast and still hot.

4) The runner then returns the Table Tracker Coaster to the Clearing Unit which deletes the order from the Touch-Screen PC and stops the timer.

  • Deliver food fast and at ideal temperature
  • Easy-To-Read color coded Touch-Screen display
  • Managers are instantly notified on their pagers if there are any late orders
  • Measurable efficiency in operations and greater staff collaboration
  • Improved speed of service leads to an enhanced dining experience
  • Reporting shows order time, seat time, delivery time and clean time
  • Portable Clearing Unit clears orders as soon as they’re delivered
  • Busser-Unit gives you an insight into the time it takes to clean tables
  • To-Go Unit speeds up delivery of Take-Out orders
  • Table Tracker Coasters last up to 3 days on a single charge
  • Easy implementation with minimal training required
  • Fast system installation can be completed during closed hours
  • Manager-Alert informs manager of all late orders
  • Real-Time reporting that tracks staff and shift performance
  • Reduce labor costs by shifting staff to peak times
  • Table Trackers last up to 3 days on a single charge
  • Table Tracker Coaster works on a Lithium Polymer battery
  • Track speed of service and late order notifications
  • Table Tracker Coaster dimensions: 12.7cm x 10.1cm x 1.0cm
  • Starter-Clearing Units Dimensions: 12.7cm x 10.1cm x 1.0cm
  • Portable Clearing Unit Dimensions: 12.7cm x 10.1cm x 1.0cm
  • To-Go Starter Unit Dimensions: 12.7cm x 10.1cm x 1.0cm
  • Indoor RFID Table Mat Dimensions: 30.5cm x 30.5cm
  • Outdoor RFID Table Mat Dimensions: 35.6cm radius

See how table delivery works with Table Tracker.